Helping people flourish by supporting Executive Function skills Development
in children, young people & adults

The Connections in Mind Foundation

The Connections in Mind Foundation (CiMF) is a UK-based charity whose mission is to create and deliver effective, evidence-based executive function skill development programmes. We help improve educational and well-being outcomes for children, young people and adults. We work with schools, train executive function coaches and deliver projects to support individuals and parents.


CiMF is the UK centre for excellence for training executive function coaches.



CiMF trains teachers about executive functions, behaviour and mental health. We support schools to embed executive function skills in the classroom.


CiMF works to increase awareness of executive functions in the UK and work with young people and parents to strengthen executive function skills.

CiMF regularly hosts events for practitioners and parents.  We also share information on our blog, social media feed and podcast.


After training with CiMF, and learning about the power of goal-setting and the use of empathy rather than discipline, my student slowly but surely began achieving the potential that was always inside of him.

It was not a straightforward journey and we encountered challenges along the way, but there is no doubt that, because of my training, my student’s quality of life drastically improved. Significantly, his school results only got better and better, and he is now at a top-performing student in his year group at a competitive London day school.


What people say about the CiMF

 Over the years, I have sought help to support challenges with anger, prioritisation and focus,
but found this was never targeted enough to what I needed. Within just a few weeks,
my coach developed skills in me that I had so longed for. I am developing control
over my anger. And in comparison to before, my effectiveness at work has soared.

 My coach is fantastic at targeting different skills to my individual needs, with a seemingly
never-ending box of tools to help me manage my day-to-day life and my reactions.
Some skills work better than others for me and my coach has taught me how to
apply these differently to the situation at hand. 

 There are still challenges, but more than ever, I have lovely, calm days with my family;
I make decisions that reduce rather than increase the erraticism in my life; and those close to me
notice how much calmer I am in situations. It’s a nice place to be after spending much of my life
with not enough control over my anger and decision making.

Adult EF COACH client
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