CiMF Bell House talk 27 Jan 2020
executive function talk 27th Jan 2020 Bell House

CiMF Bell House talk 27 Jan 2020

The talk will focus on neuroscience neuroplasticity, executive functions and where they take place in the brain and how executive functions impact learning, self regulation, resilience, metacognition, and ultimately character. Imogen will explore, recognise and explain the different approaches to explicitly developing executive functions which can be employed in the home, classrooms, higher education, work, and transitions. The Connections in Mind Foundation feel it is a democratic imperative that we explicitly work with ALL children, young people and adults to improve their executive functioning so that they learn the tools they need to flourish.

Executive functions are the brain processes needed to develop strong character, resilience and metacognition in children and young people. They are responsible for our thinking, feeling and our actions, they are the cognitive processes which allow us to filter distractions, prioritise tasks, set and achieve goals, and control impulses. This talk, in partnership with Connections in Mind Foundation will look at executive function, where they take place in the brain and how they impact a person.

Executive functions are many of the skills that underpin learning and behaviour and enable young people to function with a reasonable degree of independence. People with executive function challenges (for example with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and ASC) can struggle with their executive functions such as with planning and prioritising, organisation, time management, working memory, sustained attention, impulse control, frustration tolerance and emotional regulation. Young people from lower social economic status, and or have experienced trauma, may find their executive function challenged. We need these skills in order to flourish in life. Poor executive functioning can negatively impact on academic achievement, job outcomes and emotional wellbeing.

For the 11 executive functions explained, click here.

Tickets are £15 each. Bursary tickets are available – please email for more information.

About the speaker

Imogen is co-founder of Connections in Mind, and the Connection in Mind Foundation. She is a cognitive psychologist interested in how we can support all children, young people and adults to strengthen their executive functions skills. Imogen is currently completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge exploring this topic within mainstream classrooms. She has worked in executive function coaching, special educational needs, parental mental health, including working with parents whose children have executive function challenges such as with dyslexia and ADHD, the early years and as a youth worker. Imogen is dedicated to see ALL people flourish.