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CiMO events to raise awareness of executive functions

CiMO are leading advocates in raising the awareness of executive function support in the UK. We frequently give talks around the UK. It is our aim to raise awareness amongst education leaders, policy makers and professionals about the importance of supporting young people to develop executive function skills. We also want to share the information with parents. 

We have also partnered with Bell House in Dulwich for a series of talks  promoting wellbeing in children and how to help them flourish. We have cohosted talks on raising teens in an online world, navigating the SEND legal framework and the neuroscience behind the teenage brain. 

CiMO has produced produce a series of podcasts, called Project Flourish, a project in which we believes that every child should be able to flourish. Each podcast has a guest from the psychology or education field and they shine some light on the projects which will help every child flourish!  below are our  podcasts with Laurie Faith and Bettina Hohonen. 

In 2017  Connections in Mind hosted an EF summit conference with over 100 professionals and thought leaders, and in 2018 we hosted an EF summit with Adele Diamond as the key note speaker. 

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Trauma and transitions

  Our hybrid online-offline is a cost effective training approach that enables you to have as many staff as you wish, while respecting social distancing protocols.   This is how

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executive function talk 27th Jan 2020 Bell House
CiMF Events

CiMF Bell House talk 27 Jan 2020

The talk will focus on neuroscience neuroplasticity, executive functions and where they take place in the brain and how executive functions impact learning, self regulation, resilience, metacognition, and ultimately character.

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Our Takeaways From the ADHD Foundation Conference

In September The Connections in Mind Foundation went to the ADHD Foundation Conference. The speakers were excellent and we met some fascinating people. The focus of the day was on ADHD but there were plenty of insights for parents and professionals supporting all young people with executive function challenges.

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PROject flourish

Episode 1
Laurie Faith:
Teacher and creator of Activated Learning

Project Flourish believes that every child should be able to flourish. Each podcast will have a guest from the psychology or education field who will shed light on a project that is helping children to flourish!







Episode 2
Dr Bettina Hohnen: Clinical Neuropsychologist

In this episode, we interview Dr Bettina Hohnen, a clinical psychologist and one of the original co-founders of Connections in Mind. Bettina specialises in the area of neuropsychology, which considers the relationship between brain and behaviour. In our wide-ranging conversation, we discuss Bettina’s career, the origins of Connections in Mind and why it has been so important for Bettina to integrate support for parents. She will explore how parents can better understand executive functions, attachment theory and support their children in developing these skills. We discuss how the Connected Minds Parenting Course also helps to achieve this aim. We consider how developments in our understanding of children’s brains should influence parenting and education. Finally, Bettina gives us a taster of what we can expect in her upcoming book about the adolescent brain.