Our work with Schools

Supporting EFs in the classroom and beyond

Training Teachers To Support Students To Strengthen Their Executive Function Skills Is A Core Part Of Our Mission Because We Know That These Are The Skills That Are Critical For Students To Engage In Learning, To Develop Independent Study Skills, To Manage Their Own Behaviour And That They Underpin Student Mental Health And Wellbeing.

There are many ways in which we can support the development of EFs in the classroom, training staff in the mainstream classroom , training staff to deliver 1:1 and small group sessions, offering parenting classes,  

Implementing a Sustainable Approach

The EF coach training, workshops and Activated Learning Training can be delivered over one inset day or across inset days and shorter training sessions. We are aware that schools and staff sometimes struggle to ensure CPD training is implemented on an ongoing basis in a sustainable way so we are keen to discuss the best training arrangements for your schools.  We can also provide ongoing supervision for your staff in groups to support staff to implement Activated Learning with maximum effect.

Upcoming Training

Online offering: £500 whole day training (as many staff as you want) or £49 per staff member 

Our hybrid online-offline is a cost effective training approach that enables you to have as many staff as you wish, while respecting social distancing protocols.

This is how it works:

  • You and your staff join other schools on zoom for online webinars and questions and answer sessions.

  • We provide materials for small group exercises between the webinars throughout the day. 

  • We have facilitators available who can drop in online (using zoom breakout rooms) to provide assistance if you need it. 

  • You need to identify small group facilitators who meet for an hour before the training with us and we guide them through what they need to do. Your facilitators could facilitate the small groups online or in your schools. 

  • Get in touch to talk through the options with us.

If you would prefer to explore an in person training please get in touch.

All of our training is carried out by experienced teachers and psychologists.



We offer workshops which introduce staff to the concepts of neuroplasticity, executive functioning and how these concepts connect to the teaching and learning that takes place in the mainstream classroom and when supporting students with SEN. We also review how emotions and executive functions interact and how this impacts on learning. We provide staff with a new lens for understanding student behaviour and learning and have a chance to reflect and apply it to particular students they teach. Staff will be able to relate this lens and new concepts to a more sophisticated application of growth mindset.

Following on from these workshops we train staff in a 3 step approach called Activated Learning that enables teachers to embed executive function skills alongside the curriculum on a daily basis. This approach was developed by Canadian teacher and Psychologist Laurie Faith from the University of Toronto and it promotes self-regulated learning, metacognition and student application of executive functions skills in the classroom and when working independently. 

All of our trainers have extensive experience as teachers and working in the field of psychology and teacher training. 

For more information and to discuss the best approach for your school please contact us. 


Our two day course EF Coaching is designed for teachers, teaching assistants, psychologists, and professionals with a minimum of 5 years experience working with children/young people.  It equips participants with the skills to implement 1:1 and small group coaching in their organisations and personal practices. 

EF Coaching is a student led approach to behaviour change. It helps students to form new habits that enhance their lives and helps them to be more independent. 

For more information please contact us. 










We can work with senior leaders to review how to implement a school wide executive function approach. For example reviewing your behavioural policy, homework policy and pastoral support through an executive function lens and working with you to develop strategies to support EF skills in these domains.

For more information and to discuss the best approach for your school please contact us. 



We work with partner organisations to deliver the Connected Minds Parenting course which equips parents with the skills to support their children to develop strong executive function skills.