What is EF Coach Training?

Executive Function Coach Training:
3 Levels of Professional Accreditation

The Connections in Mind Foundation is committed to improving access to executive function coaching for children and young people from all backgrounds. One way we do this is by providing world-class executive function coach training to external applicants. 


What is executive function coaching?

Executive function coaching is a student-led approach to behaviour change. It helps students to develop self awareness and to form new habits, enhancing their lives and helping them become more independent. 

Most people have an array of executive skills strengths and weaknesses. Identifying weaknesses can help in order to devise strategies to overcome these weaknesses. Because of the malleable nature of the brain’s neural pathways, techniques to overcome executive function challenges can be taught. One of the most effective and proven methods is through coaching, conducted by a well-trained practitioner.  By repeatedly practicing a new skill with the guidance and support of a skilled professional, anyone can develop and hone that skill until it becomes second nature.

What is included in the training? 

Our training is based on the seminal book, ‘Coaching Students with Executive Function Deficits’ by Dr Peg Dawson and Dr Richard Guare, and the authors of the book have helped us work on the content and accreditation. Based on our own professional expertise we have also integrated more of a focus on promoting and preserving student wellbeing and understanding of the UK education system. The course covers 21 core standards and skills needed to start practicing as an executive function coach.  

Who can attend the training? 

The training is aimed at professionals already working with children; therefore it is only open to those with at least three years’ experience working with children and adolescents in a psychological or educational role. Most of our candidates have over five years’ experience. Previous candidates have been teachers, teaching assistants, SENCos and psychologists. Coaches who complete this training and pass a test will be awarded a certificate of completion and will be able to start work as a trainee coach.

When and where is the training conducted? 

During the current situation with Covid-19 we are offering our training online. Usually we run a group training in central London each term. We can also deliver training at your organisation if you prefer; 

Please contact us for more information.


Level 1: Certificate of Core Executive Function Coaching Skills

  • Pre-course online learning
  • Two-day core skills group training course
  • Multi-sensory training approach, including presentations, videos, activities and discussions
  • This course covers the 21 standards and skills you need to begin coaching as a trainee, including:
    • brain development underpinning EFs
    • core coaching skills & how to assess needs
    • designing and delivering a bespoke coaching programme
  • Online core skills assessment (multiple choice and 100-200 word answers) and feedback

Level 2: Certificate of Competence in Executive Function Coaching

  • 60 hours of coaching practice*
  • Collect a portfolio of evidence against each of the 21 standards at Competent level
  • 2,000-word graded essay

Level 3: Certificate Advanced Executive Function Coaching Skills

  • 200 hours of coaching practice*
  • Portfolio of evidence for each of the 21 standards at Advanced level
  • Advanced coach training day
  • Research project: 5,000-7,000 words


*You would need to demonstrate that you have had access to high-quality external supervision whilst you have been coaching; alternatively, Connections in Mind are able to offer supervision at an extra cost

Train with us

For levels 2 and 3, a cost of £150 applies for this accreditation.

We can also supply group or one-to-one supervision at an extra cost.

Please contact us to find our when we are running our next training or for further information