Our hybrid online-offline is a cost effective training approach that enables you to have as many staff as you wish, while respecting social distancing protocols.


This is how it works:


  • You and your staff join other schools on zoom for online webinars and questions and answer sessions.

  • We provide materials for small group exercises between the webinars throughout the day. 

  • We have facilitators available who can drop in online (using zoom breakout rooms) to provide assistance if you need it. 

  • You need to identify small group facilitators who meet for an hour before the training with us and we guide them through what they need to do. Your facilitators could facilitate the small groups online or in your schools. 

  • Get in touch to talk through the options with us.


If you would prefer to explore an in person training please get in touch.

All of our training is carried out by experienced teachers and psychologists.